Rank Stranger Lyrics


Lyrics to Out of System Transfer’s song Rank Stranger. I banged it out with a sharpie on paper in one sitting. It’s a fun and spontaneous spatial design challenge to use a format like permanent markers where adding elements can’t be undone – you have to commit to every stroke of the pen.

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Prospect Park Playlist for Brooklyn Magazine


This weekend I worked on an illustration to accompany an article in Brooklyn Magazine, 14 (Real) Songs of the Summer: What Brooklyn is Really Listening To. The author spent a day walking around Prospect Park. When passing people who were playing music out loud, he asked them what the song was. It resulted in a very Prospect Park-ian playlist, with some surprising songs in there (from Teitur to Konshens?)! I had a lot of fun working on this – I live 2 blocks from Prospect Park, and I LOVE making and listening to playlists.


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Celgene Illustration

Here is another illustration I created for Celgene’s newsroom. The article, “Recognizing the Long-Term Value of Good Cancer Care”, focuses on how patients tend to focus too much on the cost of the medicine, rather than the savings that can be made in the long term if you get the more costly treatment now.


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Illustration for Celgene


Excited to see my illustration on the Newsroom page of Celgene, a company that produced medicine and treatments for cancer patients. Here is the link to the article (the colors of the illustration have been slightly tweaked after I submitted the illustration to them): http://www.celgene.com/understanding-true-value-myeloma-therapies/

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The six sentence story game

I don’t remember the sentences, make up your own


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Hellman’s Organic Illustrations

Below are a couple of illustrations I made of Hellman’s Organic jars. I didn’t try all the flavors, but roasted garlic mayo sounds pretty good!

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Cover Design

Cover Jul 2015 interaction (1)

This is a rough draft of a cover design I made for an internal report at GroupM, following the new brand guidelines I helped develop in the summer of 2015. The idea was to create a metaphor of predicting media and business trends. Here it takes the shape in shining a spotlight on a point of intersection of trajectories in a complex large web of directions.

I have some issues with this design still, but I’m happy how the metaphor turned out!

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