AMPLIFY Brooklyn Mural

Things have been moving a little slowly as I’ve been busy working away this fall on a variety of different projects. It’s definitely high time for an update here!

Late October I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to participate in an exhibition put together by Amplify, a group of people dedicated to finding solutions to problems faced in urban communities, often through collaborations. I was asked to paint a mural in the courtyard of the St. Nick’s Alliance building, a community center in Williamsburg on the corner of Kingsland and Conselyea. I used to live just 3 blocks from there, and so was thrilled to do my part in a neighborhood I’m very fond of!

Since the exhibition was intended to generate ideas, I decided to take this literally – we can turn our ideas into something precious.

Many thanks to Amplify, St. Nicks’ Alliance, and of course Garrett Koeppicus for helping me do the actual painting, and some of the brainstorming!


Here’s my sketch for the mural for comparison!Mural Sketch


About Charlotte G

Swedish/Icelandic Illustrator in Brooklyn
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