Wine Labelry

In my time working as an in-house Designer for Astor Wines & Spirits, I worked on several wine label concepts that unfortunately never went into production. I pulled from the archives some of my concepts and sketches, that I would love to get the chance to develop further. Working on wine labels is so much fun, the winery sites and names are often very evocative and fire my imagination.


These label concepts were for a Spanish wine with the name “toque”, or “touch” in Spanish. In the first sketch I wanted to convey a sense of the touch of the land was present in the wine. The other two I think are fairly self-explanatory! The second one, while I like it as a graphic, is perhaps a little bloody 🙂

15-TOQUE004 13-toque1 17-toqueairen



Most French wine labels are very classic, with a lovely engraving image of a winery. I wanted to take a quirkier approach to it, creating an illustration in an entirely different style, more akin to what I intuitively draw when I get to do what I want.

33-chmas001 34-chmas1B



About Charlotte G

Swedish/Icelandic Illustrator in Brooklyn
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